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piggy bank of colors

Il progetto che raccoglie le opere di tutti i bambini!

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piggy bank of colors

Il progetto che raccoglie le opere di tutti i bambini!

Associazione artistico-culturale MusebimCuneo.
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Lo custodiremo nel nostro salvadanaio dei colori!

Children create many works! Our association wants to make them known to everyone: what greater joy that their glances when they see their designs for the city!

If you also believe in this beautiful project and want the city to color themselves with their designs, you can also contribute by subscribing to MuseBimCuneo!

musebim cuneo

One day some children, after visiting an exhibition, tried to imagine an exhibition space with all their designs inside the city: a MUSEUM OF CHILDREN!

This new space would only welcome children's creations; no longer works by adults for children, but works by children for children and adults.

The MuseBimCuneo association has become an interpreter of this desire and has tried to build a project, but the road to creating a permanent space within the cities is still long and so we thought we would start the journey anyway by establishing the artistic association - cultural non-profit MuseBimCuneo. When the conditions for creating the museum are there, just add a few letters and like magic MuseBimCuneo will turn into MuseodeibimbiCuneo!

A non-profit artistic-cultural association, which aims to exhibit children's artistic creations in physical and virtual spaces permanently or temporarily in cities, to set up exhibitions and shows and organize cultural events.


not just a drawing

Made by three children of different classes from an elementary school in Cuneo.

Each child has found his space: he has used his colors, all without overlapping the drawing of his companion. The adult's eyes see a colorful composition, but they also see an attempt by those children to communicate a message of sharing.


It promotes the dissemination of the creative works and designs of children from three to fifteen years of age in public spaces and businesses, public and private structures and companies (such as hospitals, nursing homes and rest homes, universities, local authorities) that by having rooms for displaying the designs shared their purpose.

Modus MuseBim

The disclosure of the works may take place on paper, digitally and on the web, with prior authorization from the grantor. The Association can promote collaborative initiatives with other museums dedicated to children in Italy and worldwide, at the same time it can host exhibitions from other children's museums. This activity, in particular contexts, can also apply to museums in general, requiring, for example, the display of children's works in museums aimed at a mainly adult audience.


Luciano Rigaglia


Zita Giraudo


Gabriella Bergese


Luigi Leuzzi


Dario Bertolino


Come associarsi

You can download the file, fill, and send it to the email: or you can use the watsapp button on this site. To pay the membership fee you can make a bank transfer to the following recipient:

Nome: Musebimcuneo
N. : IT21V0845010200000000017174



Il costo della tessera associativa è di 10 euro